Welded Chain

Obert Marine offers many options of chain that will fit your every need. Below is a sampel of some of the chain we stock. Call or email us if you are looking for a type of chain that isn't listed!

Grade 80 Alloy Chain is premium quality high strength chain that is heat treated. It is used for a variety of sling and tie down applications. For lifting applications alloy chain is the only material that should be used.

Grade 70 Binding Chain is a high quality, high strength carbon steel chain engineered for securing loads. It should not be used for overhead lifting.

Grade 43 High Test Chain is a carbon steel chain widely used in industry, construction, agriculture, and lumbering operations. Not recommended for overhead lifting.

Grade 28 Proof Coil Chain is a general purpose coil chain used in a wide range of applications. Not recommended for overhead lifting.

Machine and Coil Chain made in a short pitch straight link (Machine), long pitch straight link (Coil), or twist link (both) fashion is a general purpose chain made from carbon steel. Not recommended for overhead lifting.