Obert Marine Supply is a very service orientated company so if you don’t see it on the list below please call and ask us. We have several well qualified representatives standing by to help you. If it’s something we don’t do we will try refer you to someone that can help you.

We are on call 24/7 for your emergencies. You won’t get an answering machine or an answering service. You will get one of our employees eager to help.

Reel machine and operator with the ability to take off and put on wire rope at your jobsite. We can do tow wires up to 2500 feet

Wire rope block repair of fishing, rigging and construction type blocks. Testing and recertifying.

Fabrication shop for welding and machining. We make custom fabrications such as spreader bars and other below the hooks devices. We make and fit 416 SS taper pins for detachable connecting links

Full service wire rope fabrication shop including socket pouring in house and dockside wire rope pressure lubricating machine

Chain tumbler to clean up to 3-1/2” SLA chain
Dip tank for asphalt coating
Pitch testing of SLA chain to US Navy and Coast Guard specifications

Synthetic rope splicing with the capability to make large mooring lines for barges and ocean going ships

Proof test Machine
We can inspect, test and certify your alloy chain slings, synthetic slings, and wire rope slings.
We do the same for lumber and log lashings to Canadian MOT specifications.